In her kingdom, there are signs of black skirt, a NO.5 perfume fragrance, a star-studded top stars. 1914, based on men's models and the starting point of modernism, advocating simple and elegant cocoa Chanel (Coco Chanel) founded the far-reaching impact on future generations of the brand "Chanel".

"Chanel" involving clothing, hats, fragrances, skincare, makeup and other fields, to become a pioneer in the fashion industry can not catch up with the brand. Its founder Coco Lady legendary life has also been reproduced countless times on stage, screen, any adjective in front of her are slightly less, cocoa haute couture effect on her was "Time Magazine" named in the 20th Century one of the largest 100.

Following the beginning of this year Chanel, SK-II and other high-end cosmetics brands prices surge triggered after the first round of this year into June, and high-end cosmetics market in China set off a second round of price increases during the year. Shiseido, L'Occitane, Clarins prices of other brands have joined the ranks of the highest price increases of as much as 20. For cosmetics price turns up, industry analysts pointed out that the impact of the rising costs of high-end cosmetics is no longer the most important factor in pricing, pull through price increases and low-end brand positioning gap, while maximizing profit margins, before high-end cosmetics prices rose again the key reason.

    Less price-sensitive consumer groups will not give up the prices of these high-end cosmetics brand, but as Chinese consumers increasingly rational, one after another wave of price increases in the face, there are some consumers are starting to migrate to the Internet to buy, overseas purchasing, as well as for the more cost-effective cosmetic regain old "local" of all ages.


    Prices jumped up high-end cosmetics

    Showing from all the major stores of data, beginning in early June, many big-name cosmetics began a new round of collective price adjustment, the biggest price increases reached 15%, and hand cream, foot cream, sunscreen, body lotion and many other categories.

    According to Shiseido counter staff, from the beginning of June, part of Shiseido's sunscreen, facial mask and lotion product prices have increased, related to White Lucent, Yue Wei, water live Huan Yan and other series, or mostly in twenty or thirty yuan, less than 10%. The largest increase is a firming body cream 200ml installed, price from 520 yuan to 620 yuan, an increase of 20%.

    L'Occitane's 35, hand cream, foot cream, body lotion and other products have also been collective prices, rose 10-20 yuan, no more than one percent.

    Following the April after small-scale price adjustment, Clarins moisturizing series of several plant's products have been price adjustments, rose 4% to 10%.

    Shiseido Company have confirmed that the price initiatives. From June 1, 2013 start, Shiseido brand raised prices of some products, starting July 1, part of the product's brand CPB will also raise prices. Allegedly, the Shiseido price adjustment in the Chinese market with other countries, primarily for retail prices to maintain balance.

    This was the high-end cosmetics brand in the Chinese market, the implementation of the second round of price adjustment measures. After the New Year, Chanel, SK-II cosmetics and other big round of price increases has been conducted, the range of about 6%. Chanel in mid-January of this year worldwide price increase of 7% to 30%; SK-II most of the products across the board price increases, or mostly in the 5% to 8%; Dior also began to raise prices from February, the average increase about 20%. As cosmetic market benchmark, these big brand price adjustment also affected other brands pricing strategy.

    According to statistics, the last two years, the price of high-end cosmetics are particularly frequent in 2011 and 2012, after at least three times the average annual price increase, ranging from 5-30% range.